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National Unsecured Helps more customers with varying credit backgrounds get approved than any other unsecured personal or business loan company. We work with more loan companies and credit levels to help you get your loan!

Apply now for a quick, no obligation pre approval! Once approved it will be a very short time until you are allowed access to your money. We now require a $12 application fee for the (credit vault - credit score pulling). This is a one time fee only.


Step 1: Join The Credit Vault $12 membership Application Fee (one time fee based on recent lending law changes to allow us to submit credit score info to our lenders)

Learn more about the credit vault - credit score pulling ( in recent months with the state of the economy we have had a spike in those with bad credit applying for loans - while we can many times help these customers it has caused our lenders credit score pulling cost to go through the roof. We now require that everyone pay a $12- one time fee to offset this cost - however we also give you an amazing resource in the Credit Vault - worth over $100 and you pay only $12!)

Step 2: Fill out Application

Step 3: Receive notice of either approval or denial based on our top 3 lenders, receive access to many more lenders where you can apply yourself and includes resources for good, poor and bad credit. Read about the credit vault.

Step 4: If approved with one of the top 3 then they will send their terms and loan amounts for you to approve. If you agree then the loan will be funded in a very short period of time. If you do not agree to terms then we will keep searching for a loan with better terms.

Step 5: If you decide to deny the offers or if you have been denied we will use our long list of resources to try and find a suitable lender. Your credit will only be pulled 3 times at a max and usually only once.

IMPORTANT: Even if you are approved you do not have to accept the terms or loans. It is just an option for you.


Start Here! No Obligation Application!

$12 application (credit score - credit vault) fee and that is it!

(remember that there are no obligations - you do not have to accept these offers)

The application above is for unsecured personal loans up to $15,000!

There is no obligation to accept any loans that are offered!

We are not a lender. We are a loan placement company and find the right match

for your loan which is vital to getting you approved!



  • Other companies will charge 10% of the loan!!!

  • We simply charge the $12 membership application fee and that is it!

  • We have access to the absolute best lenders

  • We help get more lower credit scores loans

  • We help get higher credit scores the best interest rates

  • Loans for all purposes

  • Quick Turnarounds

  • In business for nearly a decade

  • Considered the best source for personal loans (unsecured and secured)

Some Minimum Qualifications:

  • Our most recent lowest credit score approved within two days was 521 and higher

  • Our most recent lowest initial credit score approved outside of 10 days was 490.

  • Bankruptcy has to be more than two years old for a loan value greater than $1500.

  • Must be US citizen

  • Must Be employed

  • Must be earning $1000 a month or more or use cosigner for a loan value greater than $2000.

  • We Have recently worked with initial credit scores in the 400's and got them approved (took longer because of the credit score program).

We cannot guarantee offers based on credit score and bankruptcy! However we can tell you that we work with more lenders that deal with lower credit scores than any other Unsecured Loan Processing Company! This means that we give you a great opportunity to get a loan or rate that you would not have gotten without using National Unsecured and the only cost from us $12 which also gets you a membership into the credit vault!

National Unsecured is the absolute best when it comes to getting you approved and getting you the best terms available. There is not a better way to get an unsecured loan. Anyone that has credit issues should start with National Unsecured as there is not a better way to get a loan.





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