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Bad Credit or Poor Credit Personal Loans

The nations top choice to find the best rate personal loans for bad and poor credit!



Bad Credit Loans - High Risk Personal Loans or Having bad credit can cause some serious credit problems in your life including trying to find ways to finance certain purchases in your life for many of the basic things such as vacations, cars, trips, Christmas and even home loans. National unsecured works with the absolute best in lenders that work with lower credit scores to help you to get the loans that you are looking for. While we cannot guarantee any loans - we can tell you that we work with more credit levels than anybody and feel confident that we help to get more credit challenged people and couples approved than anybody.

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Why Choose National Unsecured?

  • Both great credit and poor credit loan seekers choose National Unsecured because the only fee that we charge is the $10 application fee!

  • We have more lenders that offer poor credit loans and great interest rates no matter your credit level.

  • We have been helping customers with bad credit get unsecured loans for over 10 years

  • We do not charge a fee to help you to get your best loan

  • We help more customers get approved than any other loan company

  • Personal loans can be used for patient financing, vacations, business, funerals, and any other thing that you might need money for including just to pay bills

  • We work with all credit levels including high risk to help to get you approved


The better your credit score the better the rates and terms on the loans so you may want to consider raising your credit score with several different very low cost programs and it usually only takes a few months to see a substantial change in score if applicable to you.

For those that want spend very little and work to raise your credit score then we suggest a do it yourself credit repair kit. If you don't want to handle this yourself and are willing to spend around $45 per month then we suggest letting an experienced credit attorney handle it for you.

By raising your credit score you can literally save yourself thousands in interest rate payments and get loans for higher amounts and buy nicer things since most of your payment will be going toward the purchase itself and not the interest on the loan. Bad credit loans can be gotten for many but we would strongly suggest that you go through a 3 month credit up program and see how much better you can do!


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