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Commercial Bridge Financing and Loans



We help investors just like you!  A bridge loan is the perfect solution for many commercial investors.  In simple terms, a bridge loan is a short term real estate loan that allows time for the borrower to complete a task in order to obtain permanent financing.  The task might be selling one property in order to purchase another property, finding a new tenant, or making improvements to a property. 

A Bridge Loan Offers Solutions For Commercial Investors

  • Maximum Flexibility

  • Quick Cash to Complete a Project

  • Few Limitations on the Use of Funds

  • Restructure Current Obligations

  • Create a “bridge” to fill the gap until permanent financing can be obtained

  • Get Capital to Purchase Commercial Property

  • Purchase a New Property Before Old Property is Sold

  • Get Real Estate out of Foreclosure

Make Needed Improvements to Increase Value and Increase Lease Income! We can help with all types of bridgle loans or bridge financing. Contact us or simply fill our the form below to get a free quote!



Bridge Loans can be an effective tool in obtaining your commercial real estate goals.  This is a secured loan, with the collateral most often being real estate.  The typical term for a bridge loan is six months to one year, however lenders may grant an extension option, with a fee anywhere from ½ point to 2 points.   Bridge loans are typically more expensive than permanent loans and are paid off when permanent financing is obtained.   There is generally no pre-payment penalty.  There are several types of lenders that give bridge loans.  If you have excellent credit and sound financials, banks are an option, otherwise you may find bridge loans through Opportunity Funds and Hard Money lenders specializing in this type of loan.   

Been turned down by banks.  Don’t worry, our experts will connect you with the type of lender that will get capital flowing and get your project off the ground!





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