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FAQ About our Loans Program!

Every year we help thousands of people just like yourself find the best loans for your specific needs. Here are some of the most asked questions about our programs!

Are your loans $0 down loans?

The loans that we get you are $0 about 99% of the time!!!


How Long Does the Process Take?

It can take several days or several minutes depending on your credit score and rating. Lower credit scores take more time on our part. However we have now added our Credit Vault which allows you to apply to some of our lenders directly.


Loans can be a hassle - how is your process?

Our process is pretty smooth and is easier depending on your credit score.


Can you get me more money that usual?

The answer is a definite yes since we work with several lenders and card companies we can often get you great loans from multiple lenders. WE are not the lender but instead the processor and this works to your advantage as the lenders want to keep us happy with all the business that we bring them and offer our clients special deals and the lowest rates possible to keep us happy and offering them business. YOU WIN!


Are their any up front costs with your program?

We have the lowest fees for a processing company anywhere! You are only out the $10 application fee upfront.

Yes - there is only a $12 one time application/membership fee! THE ONLY COST YOU WILL EVER GET FROM US IS $12

Most companies want to charge you up to 10% of the loan and that is outrageous! If your loan is funded ! You would save over $400 on a $4500 loan and you would save over $1300 on a $15,000 loan. BIG SAVINGS!

Is your system secure and confidential?

Very secure and extremely confidential


Will you consult with me to help?

We will answer any questions that you might have to help you get the possible loan for your specific needs. To keep costs as low as possible we typically only call in specific situations and prefer to work by email or instant messenger.


How fast are the approvals?

The approvals can happen as fast as 10 minutes and sometimes and other times it can take several days of working with lenders. Our newest system allows you to apply for loans yourself from some of our lenders.


What can I use the loan money for? Are there restrictions?

When it comes to the unsecured personal loans there are no restrictions once you get the money.


Do you have unsecured or personal loans to people with bad credit?

Yes - we do but the interest is higher and the amount of the loan gets lower based on your current fico credit score. however we also have programs that you can get loans with no credit check as well. The amount of the loan typically stay below $1500 however we have several lenders that will do this so you might be able to get around $3000 and even $4500 if all three lenders are accessed. We are constantly adding lenders to our list as well.


What is considered poor credit and what is considered bad credit?

That really depends on the lenders and can really change from week to week. Below 520 drastically lowers the amount that you can borrow and many times will keep you from getting signature type loans and we have to resort to private bad credit lenders to try and get money -which works about 70% of the time. However, the interest is very high and the amount that you can borrow is low.


Do you offer programs to help those with lower credit scores to raise their credit scores?

YES! And in our humble opinion everybody that does not have A credit should do this program for at least 1 month as it can raise your score drastically!!! Time and Time again we see our clients bad or poor credit score raise 100 points in the first 30 days or so!!!








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