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Unsecured Loans

This means that no collateral is ever given for your loan! The money can also be used for any purpose that you wish once the loan money is received. The process is fast, simple and we guide through so that you don't make the mistakes that many lenders frown upon. We are often able to get more money for you than traditional banks and we can help find the best rates!

  • No Collateral

  • Quick Process

  • Unrestricted use of funds

  • Can help reduce turndown rates

With the recent change in the economy these loans also referred to as signature loans are sought after by those with good, poor and even bad credit. Here is our suggestion. Since many people have different classifications as to what these terms mean when it comes to credit we would like to say this.

Our current customers are seeing this:

Bad Credit Below 520 - loans up to $3000

Poor Credit 520 to 620 - loans up to $7500

Medium Credit 621 to 690 - loans up to $15,000

Good Credit 691 and above = loans up to $30,000

These are all based on unsecured, sometimes referred to as a signature loan - no collateral loan!

However, we would also like to note that we cannot guarantee anyone a loan up to these values. Every day brings a unique situation in the credit markets. These are just some of the typical values that we have seen. We are not a loan company but instead are a placement company that finds the very best or in some cases the only loan for your situation!

To apply for a loan we require that you join our Credit Vault! We are now doing this as we can no longer absorb the cost of pulling credit reports on every application. The cost is $12. With this you get access to many different types of lenders plus you get our expertise:

Read more about the Credit Vault!






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